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Liaoning Jingsu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Business category 1 Rubber Agents
City ( of main office ) Tieling, CN, China
Address Hongguang Industrial Zone,Fanhe Town,Tieling County,Liaoning Province
Phones 024-78846253
Fax 024-78848008
Web site www.automobilehose.net
About Liaoning Jinghua Automotive Components Co.. Ltd. (former: Tieling Jinghua Rubber Seal Components Plant) a professional plant on producing rubber products and automotive rubber flexible pipes. It is located in Fanhe New Zone, is 2 kilometers away from Tienling South Exit of Shenyang-Harbin Freeway. It was established in 1983, former is Jinghua Rubber Seal Components of Tieling Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute. It has mainly produced sets of automotive components for 20 years. Its leading products are automotive knittings, knitting flexible pipes, motor shock absorber, cooler, lifter, plastic products, rubber seal strips and kinds of coining rubber products for motor and automotive industry's disposal products.
Date Oct 29, 05:10